I wrote a brilliant post yesterday. I did, I swear.

By in Musings on March 28, 2012

I wrote a brilliant post yesterday.  I spent a good 30 minutes on it, outlining my thoughts over the last week on a couple of interesting articles I had come across online, and how they intersected in the middle to create an amazing epiphany on the secrets of leveraging every customer contact into the community sentiment that your organization wants from its support base.  It was wonderful, the creative juices were flowing and the inspiration was glowing.  I felt good, it felt good, and as I re-read it over and over for edits before posting, I was excited to get it up.

Then, I posted and it failed, and it was gone.

After a few choice words out loud, a flame of aggravation in my chest, and a brief haze of red fury in my vision – I gathered myself together and quickly set about pounding back out of my fingertips, hoping to catch it all again on the page (this time using Word, with autosave).  Trying my best to save what little remained from memory to the page, and growing ever more frustrated with each redraft, what I started to realize was that my epiphany, my discussion points, and the outline I was creating over and over were to  be the core of my presentation at the upcoming Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact MindXhange in Amsterdam this June.

It came, went, and then revisited in a whole new light.  I’m excited to continue to build on this and the additional materials I have been setting aside for this opportunity.  I’m looking forward to the presentation, and I hope to see you there.  Please let me know if you’re going to make it, as I’d like to know my audience.

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